Step Beyond Media Partners with Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties

The Creation of Step Beyond Media . . .

Raised in Western Colorado, Scott Stuart started his professional video/photography career in 1997 for NBC at the age of 17, working his way up from a studio intern to a full-blown photographer over the course of 3 years. From there, at the age of 20, he became employed as a full-time video photographer/ editor / live truck driver for Fox News in Phoenix, AZ. After a few years, he took a step back to pursue a position in the film industry, that didn’t end up working out. That’s when he decided it was time to get back to his Colorado roots, so Scott took a job as a Photojournalist in Colorado Springs, CO. This gave him the ability to grow and move into the position of Chief Editor for the WB 2 News in Denver, CO. For 4 years he worked inside the news organization creating Emmy Winning video pieces as well as many special TV series’.

Although his career was on an upswing, Scott’s heart was still set back in Grand Junction, CO. With the natural gas boom, he and his family, like many others, decided to make a change and leave the desk world to get his hands dirty in the oil and gas industry. He traveled from Colorado to Canada and even worked offshore in Louisiana. On his time off he continued to freelance and shoot/edit video for local production companies in Colorado. About 5 years ago he was given the opportunity to start a new product in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska with oil and gas. While the opportunity was great, it also meant two weeks away from his family every-other two-week period. Scott took on the task for the good of his family, and it quickly became clear this was not going to be his forever. He wasn’t going to spend half of his life states away from his children.
In June 2016, a blessing came, and an opportunity approached Scott that would give him his freedom & passion back – Step Beyond Media company. Todd Conklin, owner and CEO of Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties & Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties had a vision. Always striving to produce the highest level of service and technology available to his agents, Conklin thought the next best thing would be to bring on an internal media company, one opened under the Conklin & Company, LLC umbrella, to operate full-time for CBDP and CBCPP agents. The idea was, operate within the industry of real estate exclusively for Coldwell Banker, and then offer the services to others outside the industry, like hospitals and retail shops. This vision has come to life through the partnered creation of Step Beyond Media, owned and operated by Todd Conklin and Scott Stuart.
Back finally full-time to restart his passion, his view, his goal of making beautiful video and still photography for all to see, the past 20 years have prepared Scott as a man to take the time and have the patients in making the perfect vision come to life. This move has been his life-long dream, and so far, it’s coming true.

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