Social Media

Building an online community on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and/ or Facebook is crucial to being successful in your business.  By establishing your social media presence as a leader in the industry, you are driving online traffic to your website.  This is also a great place to showcase those professional photos and videos and engage directly with potential buyers/ clients.

We now spend more time on social media then in our email inboxes.  People look to Facebook to get their information about a potential product or industry, read reviews on it, and get updates.  In 2017 Instagram saw the fastest user growth rate in its history.  These platforms should not be ignored when trying to establish your business.  Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION here.

Post Blogs

We will post the blogs we write on up to 3 platforms- usually LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook


Analyze and Adjust

We will decipher what your audience is most looking for, and if that is personal posts we will encourage you to provide us with personal pictures (of you getting involved in the community etc.) to post!


Track views, engagements, clicks & leads

Prior to this post, this agent’s highest reached post (organically) with Coldwell Banker reached 181 people, had 14 likes, and 30 post clicks.  Her first blog written by us and posted to social reached 707 people, had 34 likes (on 1st post and shared post), 8 loves, 80 post clicks and 57 link clicks.