Country Jam - Prohibited items

Here is a list of what is allowed and prohibited at Country Jam Ranch and it’s Campground to make your visit a little bit easier. 


 Small bags (no bigger than 14″x11″x5)

 Fanny packs (no more than one pocket)

 Camelbaks (no more than one pocket)


 Low-back lawn chairs


 Rain gear

 Ear plugs

 Empty or sealed plastic water bottle


 Physician prescribed medications (name must match with carrier’s government issued ID, and must not be expired)

 Camera (no detachable lens)

 Bug spray

 Misters (small, personal-sized)

 Strollers (for infants/toddlers only)




 Ear plugs

 Selfie sticks


These items will be confiscated and not returned.

 Firearms, explosives, or weapons of any kind, including but not limited to pocket knives, pepper spray and tasers

 Glass containers of any kind



 Alcohol of any kind

 Drugs & drug paraphernalia

 Laser pointers

 Musical instruments

 Spray paint/giant markers/sharpies

 Tents of any kind

Rich Klinzmann