JUCO Friday Update!!

After the dust settled at Suplizio Field on Thursday night there were three teams left vying for the title of JUCO World Series champions.  In the afternoon game, Central Arizona beat Walters State 12-5 in 10 innings after Walters State tied the game in the bottom of the 9th. The night game saw Navarro crush the previously unbeaten Iowa Western team in a 23-8 victory in just 5 innings. 

Since there are three teams left after Thursday’s action, Central Arizona was able to advance to Saturday’s 7:00 PM Championship Game since they had played the most games in the tournament.  Iowa Western and Navarro will face off again Friday at 7:00 PM for the right to play Central Arizona on Saturday Night. 

Make sure to come watch the last couple JUCO games of 2019. 


Rich Klinzmann