Speed Limit Change

In an attempt to keep fatal accidents to a minimum, The City of Grand Junction installed safety cabling near the Horizon Drive exit on I-70 last fall. Earlier this week, as an added safety measure, the speed limit was dropped from on I-70 from 75 mph to 70 mph on the approximately 7-mile stretch between 22 Road to the Horizon Drive exit. They will also be placing speed radar signs by the end of the month as an added precaution. 

According to Trent Prall, Public Works Director for the City of Grand Junction, the CDOT portion of the work was around $750,000 for the cable and guard rail improvements and it is projected that the speed radar signs will be around $40,000. 

Hopefully with these safety measures in place, there will be less accidents and will make it much safer for everyone’s commute.

Rich Klinzmann