How to grow your Instagram following in 3 easy steps

Do you struggle with social media? Does the lack of engagement discourage you and make you want to quit?  Take some tips for a social media expert who has grown multiple social media platforms including real estate, personal, CEO coaching & non-profits.

Plan ahead & Develop your style

What communicates YOU to your people? The first thing to figure out is who is your target audience? Once you have decided who that is, gear your photos and content towards those people.  Using an app that will outline your feed/ grid, will help you find pictures that appeal to your audience.  Apps can help you curate the perfect Instagram geed.  If you are looking for Free (YES PLEASE) check out Preview which allows you to edit your images in the app.  It is straight forward and user friendly. If you want to have multiple accounts on this app you will need to pay.  Another great app is UNUM. It will load your last 20 Instagram images and you can then build your grid from there. You can rearrange your images to get the perfect layout.  This app was designed for iPhone and iPad, but it works (slowly) with android.  If you own a business, Planoly is a great option. It doesn’t allow you to edit in the app, but it is easy to upload and arrange your photos.  Best of all? It has a great desktop option for those of you who don’t want to squint your eyes to plan on your phone.  *Note- these will not actually post your image to Instagram #gridgoals


Use Hashtags wisely

Throwing out hashtags like it is nobody’s business is simply annoying as well as unproductive.  Research 30 hashtags that your audience searches for and then stay tuned for topically relevant hashatags as well as ones that are trending in your sphere of influence. Once you have decided on your then create a note in your phone that looks like this:

Having this note in your phone will make it easy to copy and paste into the comments of your latest Instagram post (you can also post it in the caption, but I personally find this overwhelms it).


Use your Bio!

Get creative! Then use your bio URL to get traffic. This is the only clickable link you get on Instagram, so use it wisely! Change it up. Every time you write a new blog post, have a new product, or share a new video, promote it!  Talk about it in your Instagram Stories (another AMAZING way to gain traction on your Instagram and make it more engaging) and then say “learn more by clicking the link in my bio!”

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