Get Light Summery Photos From your iPhone!

Do you follow professional photographers and wish you could have those high quality, bright, airy photos?Cameras on phones are becoming increasingly more impressive, however they still don’t quite compare to a nice DSLR.  Here are 10 easy steps you can take to edit your photos and get AMAZING results for free! 

  1. Donwload Snapseed (it is free) and go in to tune image and brighten the image
  2. Add contrast
  3. Up the saturation and ambiance
  4. Up the highlights and lower the shadows
  5. Cool down the image a little bit
  6. Go in to the SELECTIVE EDIT tool and up the brightness choosing the white spots of your photo
  7. Go in to the BRUSH FEATURE and use the dodge and burn tool to paint the walls (or whatever you want brighter)
  8. Sharpen the photo and up the saturation if needed
  9. Use the transform tool if needed
  10. Download the VSCO app and bring your new photo into that and then use the A6 tool (strength 2-4)

TADA! You did it!