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Step beyond media has been in the business of delivering high-quality drone video for over 4 years now. With FAA 107 certified pilots.





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does FAA Certified mean?
Commercial UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) operators must posses an FAA Section 333 Certificate Of Authorization. Additionally, all equipment used must be registered with the FAA. All flights must be conducted according to prescribed safety rules, with two flight operators onsite. Additionally, the FAA must be notified in advance of all flight locations and date and time of flight. We abide by all FAA regulations and carry UAV flight insurance.

What is the DC area No Fly Zone?
The FAA has established a 5 mile no-fly zone in a radius around Reagan National Airport. No commercial UAV flights are authorized in this zone under any circumstances.

How long does a flight session take?
A standard flight session for properties up to 5 acres is approximately (60) minutes onsite and about (30) minutes of airtime for photos and video. Larger properties, waterfront properties and properties with multiple buildings may require more flight time.

What do I need to do to prepare for the flight session?
For best results, it is important to move cars, trash cans, hoses and any other objects that would be visible from the air. Pools should be open and pool cleaners removed, cushions on chairs on decks and patio leaves removed and lawns mowed.