Blog Posts

Blogs are important when trying to gain customers for multiple reasons

 1.  They show you are a leader in your industry

If you are posting regularly, you not only know your industry, but you know the area.  This means that people will come to you with business questions as well as day-to-day questions about the area.

2.  They increase your SEO

By posting regularly on a variety of topics, your Search Engine Optimization will go up.  This means when someone types “real estate in Denver” you will pop up if you mention those key words more.  More than 90% of people never get past the first page of Google, so let’s make sure you’re on there.

3.  They bring eyes back to your website

A website can become static without a blog.  By having a blog, people are continually returning to your site and you are getting more eyes on WHO you are.  So even if they aren’t currently interested in your service, when they finally do decide they want to buy a house for example, you will be the first person they think of.

Example Blog Posts:

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How Coldwell Banker Commercial is Helping Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma

12 Marketing Tactics I will do for your Commercial Real Estate Listing

5 Reasons you should hire a commercial real estate broker


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